Calling All Heroes!

Archellion admin posted Jun 12, 17

As you can see, on the left there, we really like raiding.  We need a few more folks to help us replenish our ranks so we can get back to roaming the galaxy to dismantle any adversaries that threaten our way of life.  We don't require folks to have a lot of gear or experience, we just want folks who have good attitudes, cheerful deamenors and a sense of dedication to our cause. 

We offer a "friends over loot" sort of atmosphere here, that is tried and true.  So whether you're new to raiding, haven't raided in a while, or are an experienced raider who wants more than a "just-another-raid-team," come talk to us about becoming an <SoB>, today!

<Symphony of Blades> now has over 500 members! I want to thank all our members who have made this guild awesome and an enjoyable place for people to hangout and play SWTOR. Since we have so many members and are consistently having double digits on each night, we are slowing down on the recruitment drive. As of now, only the rank Veteran and Officers can invite people to the guild.  If you have any alts you would like invited to the guild, please contact an officer and they will get you in the guild. You can request an invite in game or on the website. If you see someone not in the guild that you think would be a good addition to the guild or someone who is interested in joining, please point them to an officer or have them fill out an application on the website. Any active recruitment from now on will be primarily for raiding.

Since we have so many members now, I want to remind every one of our Code of Conduct. Even though we are a laid back guild, we still have some rules. Please check them out here: <SoB> Code of Conduct

With that being said, I would like every to follow the rules and please respect the people enforcing them. If an Officer asks you to stop doing something, please respect them and do what they say. Don’t give them any lip or smart remarks, they are just trying to make it more enjoyable for everyone else in the group/guild. If you are unsure who is an officer, there is a list of all active officers on the homepage. For a list of all Officer ranks and their descriptions please click here: <SoB> Officer Ranks

If you have any quesions about anything, feel free to contact me or Archellion.

- Chelsay


Kesto posted Feb 4, 17

Imperial Blades is raiding!

Last night we successfully foiled an attempt by Karagga to expand Hutt power... again...

Thanks to all who joined!


PS: Doing alright in Conquest this week, too!

For a while now we have been wanting to have more focus on building up and expanding our Imp guild <Imperial Blades>. We have already doubled member count since Christmas, and have purchased a Flagship and Tatooine SH. Right now the Flagship and SH are very bare, so please donate decorations to the guild so we can make them look awesome.

With that being said, we are ready to take the next step in building the guild up by having a dedicated guild manager. Congratulations are in order for Kesto (Garner) who has been very active and helpful in our pub side guild. He has been promoted to the rank of Commander and will be the acting guild leader for Imp side. We are looking forward to working with him and helping him make the <Imperial Blades> as awesome as the <Symphony of Blades>! On a related note, Vace Antura has been promoted to rank of Lieutenant and will join Samaeleon (Kay) in working directly under Kesto. I hope that everyone will support Kesto and his lieutenants in their positions!

- Chelsay/Blaklie

Smidgenfae That's really awesome! I know Garner is a great choice!
Archellion admin Fantastic! I know Garner will do a great job at the helm of &lt;Imperial Blades&gt;, and he'll have some f...

Our Red side sister guild, <Imperial Blades> is growing!  If you're in <Symphony of Blades> and haven't yet placed an alt in <Imperial Blades> we would really appreciate it if you did.  Just message Bellius, Rh'ved or Blaklie and we'll get you added to the roster.  We should have our Flagship in the next couple of days and we'll work out whether to buy a Tatooine SH or Yavin one as well.

[RTG] Chelsay admin Flagship has been purchased! Help furnish the &lt;Dominator&gt; by donating decorations on Imp side!
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